Because of what we do, we have the great honor of sitting in intimate circles with all different kinds of women... Really good, amazing, bright, passionate, hardworkin' women like me and you.


Through courage and vulnerability, it is often revealed that a sister needs financial support. Sometimes it is to cover rent, living expenses, their children's needs, medical expenses, etc.. Sometimes it is bigger, like wanting to break free of an abusive living situation, acquire an apartment, etc.


Regardless of the situation, whether it is temporary or not, it always boils down to a sister not having the support to make these courageous and often times frightening moves to break the cycle they are in.


We can absolutely break cycles of despair, cycles of the "lack mentality". There is enough and always has been enough.There are women out there that need the help and support NOW. We should never let a sister fall, we should never sit full when there's not enough on another sister's plate. Let's fill each other up, let's pour in when we are overflowing with abundance, let's ask for what we need. Let's do this together.

If you are a sister in financial need, please email us. You are seen. You will be heard. Thank you! 


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