Vulnerability Residue (the day after)

Yesterday was something. Thank you. The more I study my trauma body, the more that gets revealed. Beautiful and scary.

Today, I feel a little embarrassed if I’m being totally honest. I feel feelings of neediness like I asked for too much and then, I think about all that I ask from those I sit with in close communion.

Would I ever for a second validate their feelings of shame, guilt, unworthiness?

Hell no.

So why then would I do that to my own heart?

That story bubbled up into my chest and throat in such a big way, I had to release it.

I refocused after that and went back to some big messages I’ve received this month.…

~ Nothing About This is Comfortable

~ Be Seen

~ Surprise Yourself

~ Let People Experience YOU

“Okay”, I tell myself.

Here I am.

I have got to show up for myself so that I may show up for others. Al(ways). That’s what I teach. That’s what we should all teach.

Be the Mirror. Be the Mother or Father that you needed when you were young.

Be loving, and compassionate, caring, and kind. Show up. Be brave, be empowered, be on fire.

The grief from all our traumas can be integrated. I do believe that. The connection and the storytelling is powerful medicine.

Thank you for holding me so that I may hold you. Your messages, hugs and love are so healing.

All love ~

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P.s. My Mama and I have been having big talks. Her heart is exposed and she is healing too

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