Samhain: The Union of All Souls

Into Scorpio season we submerge, as we continue to turn with the Wheel of the Year.

November 1st, 2020 finds us in observance of the Pagan and Celtic celebration, Samhain (sow-when). Also, fresh in the energy of a Full Moon in Taurus, these days are charged and potent.

It is near the halfway mark between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice. It is a three quarter turn around the wheel, and the Direction is the North West. In this quadrant we work intensely with the Element of Water, associated with the emotional body, lunar energy, and the Divine Feminine.

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey or in doing the study of Self, this time of the year is powerful, transformational, and so deep. It's the perfect time to dive into how you feel; what lies in your “emotional body” and in your very blood.

What are you processing, healing, grieving, celebrating, honoring, releasing, remembering?

While you are contemplating and studying all of the above, notice who you are keeping company with. It’s important to protect your energy.

Who are you choosing to spend your time with this Winter? This is the time of the year where we dip into storytelling and let our hearts bleed. Do yourself justice and set your desire to manifest, strong, courageously fierce boundaries. Don’t go sharing your most vulnerable self to just any Body. You are Sacred, mirror that to others. Hold the back of your neck tall, full throated, remain steadfast, humble and kind to your Self.

It's also a time to tend, prune, cleanse, and clear. Tending to the garden of your life, you’ll find that there are things that have died and come to completion and that there are also things that need more love and water. Take time here and discern what to clear and what to keep.

It’s a time to clean up, give gratitude, nurture, honor, and celebrate. After all, you did a tremendous amount of work to get here. No one can argue that 2020 hasn’t been a groundbreaking year. Our foundations have been cracked, shifted, and pulled apart. We’ve done a lot of work. You have grown so much and lived into this year, this life, tremendously. That’s a lot of energy, love. At this time of the year, give yourself permission to slow down and rest.

This seasons offers and asks so much. It asks us to stand firm, to speak up, to make way, and this year it asks us to VOTE. We will rest so much more effectively when we know the big tasks are complete. Regardless of the outcome, we must meet the need of the season and live in love more fiercely than ever. Make your voice be known, even if it shakes.

It's all been pretty intense, right? But intensity doesn’t have to be excruciating, alarming, or hard; it can also be exhilarating, thrilling,and ecstatic when you walk the wild and awake path.

So what does this look like in real life? Can I share with you what I’m doing? It’s been something that I’ve been preparing for all year.

  1. Slowing down ~ in all ways. That means more sleep, more deep, long stretches, dimmer light, more play and less work, providing myself with the necessary time to focus on me and those I love.

  2. Remembering ~ I turned 40 this year and it has me touching into the numerology of the number four. I’m recalling and visualizing my story when I was four, thirteen, twenty two, and thirty one. Those are all my number four years. They are building blocks of thought and deep healing that come from remembering who I was in those times. Is there anything that needs remembered, reclaimed, healed?

  3. Healing familial wounds ~ This can take a long time, I am still doing this work. This Autumn I have spent a lot of time thinking about my paternal grandmother, recalling stories of her that I can remember and memories of the time I spent with her. I don't have many, in fact, I really don’t know her. I do know that I deeply desire to learn more about her, so I can honor and celebrate her legacy, her life. It’s time to ask questions. She’s my blood and purifying the blood that’s in my body with love and karmic healing will feel so damn good. Do you ever think about how our body has a contract with our soul? I do and I wanna know everything about this body including the blood that runs through it.

  4. Celebrating ~ having a feast on Samhain with a circle of spirited witches. Here we will share stories about an ancestor we are honoring and invite their Spirit to have a seat at our supper table. My grandmother is my guest this year. We’ll share Story, nourish ourselves with delicious food, witness and celebrate our collective love for our body and soul, and then ecstatically DANCE, celebrating this incredibly rich and wild life. It’s a gift to commune all together in this way, a gift that is only possible because of the work and love our ancestors laid down before us so that we may be here now. That’s BIG magick my friends.

This divine time in the Wheel of the Year is powerful. Take tender loving care of your heart and those you love dearest. Protect what you love the most by turning your awareness inward and slowing down. Take time to study your Self and cozy up to what feels good. Remember that you are never alone. Your guides, ancestors, and Spirit have your back and are cheering you on. I’m cheering you on. :)

Big bountiful blessings to all as we sink into the dark, numinous Void.

See you on the other side.

~ And so it is ~


Creatrix Supreme,

House of AUM and Wild & Awake

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