On Turning 40

~ I’m finally the woman I’ve always wanted to be

~Thirty five to forty has brought about the biggest changes in my life. I’ve worked harder these last five years than any other. The AUM community has been built, my spiritual practice has deepened, and I am confident in who I am and what I want to do. Although I don’t know where it’s all going, I do know that I trust that what I’ve done up until this point will carry me in the right direction and I trust in my ability to carry on. I feel more connected now than ever. I am grateful for my teachers and guides who have kept the path illuminated as I’ve walked in the dark, alone, and in the unknown. Your constant presence is humbling and fortifying. Thank you for carrying me al(ways).

~I want to honor my grandparents and my ancestors. With this big slow down, I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandparents and their simplistic ways of living. They have routines, they work hard, they keep it simple. I honor my grandmother and the way she routinely takes great pride in her home, tending to it’s cleanliness and order, never complaining. She holds a deep, quiet reverence for being in service. I see that so clearly and admire that more than she will ever know. I honor my grandfather and how he works the land, picking up sticks, cleaning, and tending to each part of the yard, spending as much time as he can outside in devotion to his land and his part in helping to care for what he’s been given. Together they have such beautiful faith. Faith in their God and faith in their family and friends. They don’t overdo anything, they don’t expect anything, and they don’t require much. I honor that and invite more of that way of living into the next forty years of my life.

~I honor my Mother and her big story. That story has shaped my life. I see her as a beacon of strength, fortitude, and stability. She has given me much of what I have today. Her story has fueled a lot of my own personal healing and has given me much direction in my own personal mission. May I continue to live into the “story that wants to be told” and show up in big ways. I’m not going to hide anymore. Her story is my story and it is meant to be shared.

~The last ten years has been all about my motherhood, my healing, and my work as an advocate for the human soul. I’ve done a lot of work to understand myself on the deepest levels and I’m committed to continuing to excavate, uncovering my own unique treasures of being and sharing them with others. I love this life and I want to continue to be unapologetic about how I desire to show up. May I grow even thicker skin, an even bigger capacity to hold and be held, and may I never lose sight of what’s truly important to me, my family, my health, my spirituality, and my responsibility to Great Mother.

~ My family has been the biggest gift of my life. May I continue to put them first, may I not forget my service to them. The next ten years of my life, I want to double down on the time I spend with them. I want to enhance all the ways in which we play, share, and expand together. They have watched me grow and have always supported me. They see me clearer than anyone else. I want to be more present to them, to us.

Today, on this 40th year of my magical life, I stand in gratitude, honor, and in strong devotion.

I am so grateful for Lili, Logan, Paul, my parents, my in laws, my family, the AUM collective, Mother earth, Great Spirit, sisterhood, circle, my teachers, my practice, my body, my house, my community, my health, my truth, my fire, simple food, good wine, plant medicine, music, art, dancing, the trees, nature, the birds, snakes, symbology, oracle, the moon, the sun, travel, culture, books, flowers, activism, consciousness, laughter, tears.

40th birthday spread

Judgment ~ self realization and understanding, spiritual awakening, redemption, knowing your motives and your heart to be true, total transparency, a glorious unveiling of Spirit

Hello Essence. I Invite you to show up everyday. I invite my soul to shine unapologetically!

The Seven Star Sisters

Birthing Creations. Tapestry of Life. Expression

Card of the Artist and the MidWife. What new creations are you being called to birth? Creativing and intuition come from the same sacred place. Surrender to the creative projects that both scare and excite you!


The Bee as a powerful spirit totem. When the Earth Mother lends you nature wisdom to support your healing and growth, you know you have an exceptionally powerful ally to your cause. Let this bring you confidence. You are meant to think and do things differently!!

May my inspired idea be blessed by the creative intelligence and love of this universe. May the perfection of divine timing govern the unfolding of this idea into its most beautiful and fulfilling form. May this idea attract the most nourshing people, situations and opportunities so that it many live out its destiny to make a positive contribution to the world. Through sacred genius, love and grace, so be it.

I commit myself, body, heart, mind, and soul to that which will illuminate me with golden inspiration and uplift me and those around me with love. I am open to receive all the support and protection needed to truly honor this commitment. So be it.

Amplifier ~ The SUN!!!

I am WHOLE. I am MORE THAN ENOUGH. I shine like the Sun when I am happy!

Expect to find bliss and be ready to take inspired action based on radical positivity and generosity. Allow others to bask in the warm glow of your beaming heart and your inspired mind.

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