Getting Naked

I was scared to pose nude.

"Who the hell do I think I am? A model?" (my invalidator voice chimed in)

Clearly, this is ridiculous.

MY truth is, I felt empowered. I felt like I wanted to honor the Goddess by embodying her through beautiful imagery and I wanted to collaborate with a bad ass photographer who I thought did her work in the same SPIRIT. She inspired me. All of it scared the shit out of me, sharing this scares the shit of me. That's my truth. I'm doing it anyways.

We are resilient. You don't have to look far to see just how much a human can take, if we are being honest with each other.. (vulnerability looks good on you, and you, and you),

it's an incredible life full of unimaginable joy and pain, love and sorrow and who wants to play charades these days anyways? We've played alll the games for far too long. It's over because you say it is.

Can we all just say with deep truth what it is that we want?

We don't have to say it to anyone really. No one but our Self really needs to know our deep truth. Period.

But, if we know it, if we really deeply know it, because we've been doing the work and studying ourselves, our patterns, our conditions, the way we show up in the world, then we can courageously live it.

That's a life I'm down for living. Enough hiding, enough thinking. Live and let live. May we all be FREE. 📸 Stef Streb

#nakedandunafraid #free #crone #wildandawake

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