The Story that wants to be told...

Wild & Awake is a movement. 


It is a real & virtual community for our modern world. We meet monthly to connect to the lunar cycle and as small groups we meet more frequently to connect to ourselves and one another.


Led by the wisdom and experience of Melissa Herzog, those who seek further depth are invited to work with her one on one. 


This work is a call to those who are woke or awakening, to align with the Wheel of the Year, Nature, the Five Elements, the Four Directions, the Guide Within and so much more. 


Through exploration of our deepest selves, we will uncover this profound way of co-existing and collaborating with the natural world around us. You will remember how deeply connected, highly intuitive, and gifted you really are.


There are so many opportunities to share your light, and your love, with the world around you. This call is for everyone who is ready to step into their most brilliant way of living.




   ~Blessings & Acknowledgements~ 

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